Our Services

Praetoria Security is a full-service security provider. We are proud to offer and provide true end-to-end security services, as well as,  comprehensive security services support to all our clients in Oklahoma.


In the ever-changing world of security, we differ from our competitors in our unique tailored approach to each of our clients' needs.

We conduct Risk Assessments and monthly performance reviews, and we seek to create long-lasting partnerships with the people we are hired to protect. We have an industry expert management team on hand 24/7, ready to offer complete support services for our clients around the clock.

Regardless of the specific services you choose, Praetoria’s signature Security Package comes as a courtesy to all of our clients.


Praetoria’s industry renowned SecurityPackage delivered to every client, includes:

  • Security Risk Assessments
  • Health and Safety Assessments
  • Dedicated Contract Manager
  • 24/7 support and response services
  • Director involvement
  • Monthly Performance Review meetings
  • Performance measures against set Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)
  • Compilation of full Post/Assignment Instructions
  • Issuance of Standard Operating Procedures in line with Risk Assessment results
  • Weekly  Security Supervisor visits/Site Inspections
  • Full Incident Report strategy
  • Lone worker support with security check calls and All-Safe procedures built in






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Praetoria Security’s position in the market

The local Security arena is divided in to 3 clear segments:

International/National Providers’ with satellite/regional offices in Oklahoma and very much geared towards swallowing up all contracts by under bidding its competitors. Clients are typically just another number, receive no personalized service or attention and often sub-standard Security service and staff with little or no real support. Often due to higher priorities, national providers act as a simply labor supply firm as opposed to a specialist security provider, offering a warm body in a uniform with little support and no training.

Medium Size Companies’ this is the space Praetoria operates in. Companies large enough to have a full security support systems, the necessary number of employees to support growth and handle emergencies adequately, with localized head office, director involvement and a desire to grow and work with the best, largest companies in the local arena.

Localized Independents’ (Mom and Pop) companies who have a handful of contracts, single owner operators, although offer adequate support and attention to clients they very rarely have the capacity to deal with growth, emergencies, shifting client priorities or the number of staff to deal with expected employee turnover. The mom and pop companies usually do not have clear leadership or support structure in place and as a result the standard of service can be inconsistent with little to no real policies and procedures in place


With well-established partfolio of loyal blue chip clients in Tulsa and Oklahoma City and operations across the state, Praetoria sits comfortably in its mid-range niche between international/national providers and the localized independents. Large enough to service the most demanding of clients, our strength is in our in-built ethos of integrity, quality and the provision of a superlative service by sheer hard work.


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Security Guard Services

Security services of well trained, and reliable Armed and Unarmed Security Officers. Praetoria Security holds the CLEET approved agency status.







Mobile Patrol Services

Residential Apartments and Condo Complexes, Commercial Properties and Business Parks, Homeowners and Neighborhood Associations, Construction Sites and Development Areas

Alarm Response Services

Alarm response services for banks, credit unions, schools, churches, production facilities, medical and dental offices, etc.

Event Security Services

Public Events Security, Stadiums and Parks, Parties and Weddings, Personal Security