Alarm Response Services


Alarm Response are a physical response to an activation of an alarm or report of suspicious behavior at any particular location or facility. The services ensures the premises or facility is safe and secure, trespassers are not on or in client properties, prevent theft and provide a piece of mind and comfort to the client.

With Praetoria’s Alarm Response Service, your emergency situation becomes our top priority. Within minutes of your alarm call, a fleet of dedicated Security Guards will arrive to assess the situation.


Our Alarm Response Service is cost-effective.

Over 95% of alarm calls in Oklahoma are false alarms, which can result in heavy fines and penalties. Praetoria’s Alarm Response Service will never charge you for a false alarm. Statistically speaking, our service will save you money in the long run.


Praetoria can receive alarm calls directly from the Alarm monitoring company, client or designated client representative. All calls are received by our 24/7 contact center on an 800 emergency number and distributed to the nearest patrol unit ensuring the fastest response possible.

All responses are carried out by a fully uniformed CLEET Armed Security Guard in a marked Security Patrol Vehicle.


Praetoria can patrol the external premises, checking all entrances, external windows, perimeter and external access to sites. We can also hold the keys and alarm codes to the facility, in which case Guards will conduct full patrols and checks internally and externally before re-setting the necessary alarms.

If the facility is found to have been breached, Praetoria will contact the emergency services followed by the client contact and will remain on site until the client is on site or the premises are secured.

All response results, details and conclusions are recorded on a formal ‘Praetoria Incident Response Form’ and provided to the client.

Service Description:






Crucial advantages of our Alarm Response Service include:

  • Immediate prioritization of your critical situation
  • Round-the-clock alarm monitoring
  • Lone worker support with security check calls and All-Safe procedures built-in
  • All other components of our complete Security Package



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