Manned Guarding

Praetoria offers professional services of Armed and Unarmed Security Guards and holds the CLEET approved agency status for the provision of Security Guard services.

Mobile Patrol Services

In many instances, potential criminal activity can be prevented by simply making security visible. A location that is regularly visited deters potential thieves and vandals and makes your premises more secure.

Alarm Callouts

With Praetoria’s Alarm Response Service, your emergency situation becomes our top priority. Within minutes of your alarm call, a fleet of dedicated Security Guards will arrive to assess the situation.

Financial Institutions

Our company specializes in providing security services specific to banks and credit unions. You operate in a highly regulated environment and face stringent security and compliance requirements. Let us help you.

Event Security Services

Whether you need security for a few hours or a few months, Praetoria Security provides the necessary boots on the ground to keep everyone in a safe environment including our Complete Security Package.

Petroleum Security Officer

Praetoria Security is a comprehensive provider

The safety of your employees and assets requires working with an experienced team of Security Experts. After conducting a thorough site assessment, we will plan your custom integrated security solution using our proven design approach. Praetoria has implemented comprehensive security systems for our clients across Oklahoma.


Praetoria is there for you

We conduct Risk Assessments and monthly performance reviews, and we seek to create long-lasting partnerships with the people we are hired to protect. We have an industry expert management team on hand 24/7, ready to offer complete support services for our clients around the clock.

Regardless of the specific services you choose, Praetoria’s signature Complete Security Package comes as a courtesy to all of our clients.

Reliable Commercial Security

Praetoria Security’s position in the market

The local security services arena is divided into three clear segments:

  1. ‘International/National Providers’ with satellite/regional officers in Oklahoma and very much geared towards swallowing up all contracts by underbidding its competition. Clients are typically just another number, receive little or no personalized service or attention and often substandard security and staff with little or no real support. Often due to higher priorities, national providers frequently act more as a labor supply firm as opposed to a specialist security provider, offering a warm body in a uniform with little support and little or no training.
  2. ‘Medium Size Companies’ are large enough to have a full security support system and the necessary number of employees to support growth and handle emergencies adequately. These companies frequently maintain local head offices, have strong director involvement and extensive knowledge in the regions security needs. It is the Medium Size Companies space that Praetoria operates in.
  3. ‘Localized Independents’ (Mom and Pop) companies generally have a handful of contracts and are single owner operation organizations. Although they offer adequate support and attention to clients they very rarely have the capacity to deal with growth, emergencies, shifting client priorities or the number of staff to deal with expected employee turnover. These companies generally do not have clear leadership or support structures in place and as a result the standard of service can be relatively inconsistent.

With well-established portfolio of loyal blue chip clients in Tulsa and operations across the state of Oklahoma, Praetoria sits comfortably in its mid-range niche between international/national providers and the localized independents. Large enough to service the most demanding of clients, or strength is in our built-in ethos of integrity, quality and the provision of a superlative service by sheer hard work.

Next Steps...

In the ever-changing world of security, we differ from our competitors in our unique and tailored approach to each client. Let's talk over your current needs and see how we can create a safer environment for your business.