Praetoria offers professional services of Armed and Unarmed Security Guards and holds the CLEET approved agency status for the provision of Security Guard services.

With the wide array of factors that can go wrong every day, running and managing your business or property is a constant endeavor. Our highly-trained Security Guards, protect and monitor the areas you declare most important to keep your organization’s operation running  seemlessly. Before Praetoria’s security personnel steps in, our security industry expert management team performs a Risk Assessment, which tells you — and us — on exactly where your vulnerabilities are.

Security Guards

Crucial components of our Security Guard Services include the following:

  • Screened and trained Security Guards in the areas you need them the most; armed or unarmed, depending on your needs
  • 24/7 support and response services
  • Lone worker support with security check calls and All-Safe procedures built-in, to back up our guards and your lone employees at a moment’s notice
  • Weekly  Security Guard Supervisor visits and site inspections, to maintain consistency of our services
  • All other components of our signature Security Package