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Since 2013, Praetoria Security has been a leading provider of security personnel and related services. We help a broad range of clients including commercial and residential properties, industrial facilities, hospitality venues, educational & religious institutions, event security, financial institutions, and high-net-worth sectors to protect their people, assets and reputations.

Praetoria Security’s growth is driven by our ongoing dedication to meet our clients’ evolving security requirements. As these needs have expanded and changed, so has the scope and character of our growing portfolio of security solutions – both through controlled organic growth and carefully executed strategic acquisitions.



We help protect our clients by being vigilant of suspicious activities, providing proactive inspections and keeping up with modern threats.

Customer Service

To maintain exceptional levels of security, we believe in building a strong foundational relationship with each of our clients. We strive to meet client needs with expediency and efficiency, never leaving you to wonder if your assets are secure.


Our clients have the assurance that our team is dependable and trained to the highest standards to meet their security needs.


We become partners with our clients to deliver prompt and flexible services by being responsive when emergencies occur.

Protect what matters to you with Praetoria Security

Find out why so many businesses rely on Praetoria Security to protect their assets. We operate on the scale of a national security provider, while providing special attention to each of our clients.

Ph: 918-574-8519 | Fax: 918-794-8850

115 West 3rd St, Ste 803 Tulsa, OK 74103

​Email: info@praetoriagroup.com

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