Active Shooter on-site Training

Do recent events have you considering the security of your patrons and employees?  Would you like professional guidance on the best protocols to follow in case an active shooter situation arises?

Praetoria would like to offer you the opportunity to create or review existing safety and preventative measure plans at your facility. 

Our team members and officers include former SWAT police officers who teach active shooter tactics across the US and internationally. 

Training is conducted on-site at your business to ensure our officers can properly assess and advise your employees based on the unique details and layout of your facility. Training is conducted with 1 or 2 of your company representatives present, as well as at least 1 person who currently works at that location. 

Active shooter site training information

This type of assessment and training can benefit many types of businesses including: 

  • Financial institutions
  • Non-profits facilities
  • Clinics & healthcare offices 
  • Commercial offices and buildings 

Learn more on how to respond when an active shooter is near: