How Mobile Security protects your profits

11.05.23 05:05 PM By Paula Keith

Active Security reduces thief and vandalism by 300%

While crime, inflation and homelessness persist, and police department budgets being constrained or cut, more communities than ever are turning to private mobile patrol security services to protect their homes and businesses. There are a multitude of ways to protect your business and how mobile patrol gets that job done efficiently. However here are six specific benefits that trained professionals from Praetoria Security can provide for your neighborhood.

1. Visible Security Presence

Generally the mere presence of security guards in an area is enough to disruptive or criminal behavior. Uniforms and noticeable vehicles employed by our mobile security guards make any target much more difficult and thieves will mostly look for an easier mark. The key is making sure that officers are making frequent rounds.

2. Thorough Patrols, Observation  Reporting

While you take measures to secure your property, nobody can be vigilant at all times, even with cameras and alarms. That’s where our trained guards come in. We’ll perform regular patrols through your facility, during, nights, weekends, and holidays, to keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior. We randomize patrol times so that even craftier criminals can’t count on any specific time that they are alone to carry out malicious activities in your area. Also we provide prompt, provable and exact reporting. Our digital report software will give reports the next morning or in real time. To many companies bite off more then they can chew and can't deliver on what they promised. Our reporting assures you that your business is getting the security presence you agreed to

3. Flexible and responsive team

Our team is ready to answer your questions or tackle any security situation that comes your way. We are able to react to a changing marketplace and deliver the security services you need. From our mobile officers to office staff, we can assist your security situations in every way you need 

4. Communication with Residents/or Stakeholders

One of the most important aspects of a security professional’s responsibilities is communicating clearly with residents in the area that they are patrolling. Unlike police departments which are solely reactive, Praetoria's job is also proactive and preventative. If there is anything that needs to be brought to your attention that affects your safety, security guards will be able to notify you so that all residents in the area can take the necessary actions to keep themselves safe. We work for you and with you, so that together we can make your property safe and secure.

5. Experienced Liaison with Emergency Services

In the event of a serious situation, security professionals have the experience needed to effectively and calmly communicate with the relevant emergency services. This can make a big difference in giving first responders the information they need to react appropriately to the situation. Local residents will be able to focus on taking care of each other and keeping themselves and their loved ones safe while security personnel and emergency services deal with the issue directly.

6. Peace of Mind

You can’t put a price on the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a trained security professional nearby if there’s ever a moment you feel unsafe or threatened for any reason. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you hire our guards to patrol your neighborhood. We’ll go above and beyond to ensure that you feel the sense of security you deserve when in your own home.

We have the professional training that can make a difference for your business. For a free security conversation and to see if we can help you reach out to Praetoria Security