How security patrols can safeguard your business and protect employees

02.02.21 07:12 PM By Paula Keith

It’s easy when you can just throw up the Bat Signal and Batman will come calling or Spiderman and his Spidey scene will detect a problem while it happens. As we know movies while great entertainment fall short of the reality of current society. Security is vital to the growth of your business and current profitability. In these times of not only civil unrest, but high unemployment, crime and theft have become an issue. Even if you don’t think your business wouldn’t be a target to thieves it could be a target for protest or just collateral damage. Also patrol can spot maintenance problems or vagrants which can cause unintended damage as well. A good security patrol is an inexpensive way to deter crime, maintain stability and safety around your business or property. There are countless ways a patrol is vital, here are some quick points how patrols and technology can safeguard your assets from our friend’s tracktik and things standards us at Praetoria have developed as well.

1. Visibly Deter Crime

Patrolling officers in uniforms or in marked cars can be recognized from a distance. This helps people visually recognize and understand that there is security present and acts as a warning to anyone considering committing a crime. The hands-on approach of having someone who is dedicated to the safety and security of an area can be considered a disincentive for criminal activity. The vehicle will also bring attention to the fact the property is actively being monitored.

2. Surveillance of Multiple Locations

Patrol officers can patrol on foot, by bike, or by car, which means that they can monitor multiple areas during a shift. Through consistent rotations, they can keep an eye on several areas and help ensure that the premises are secure. Whether on foot or in a car, patrol officers can cover ground quickly, get to an emergency in plenty of time to avoid any alarm violations, and potentially catch criminals in the act.

3. Perform a Range of Security Checks

Patrol officers can carry out a wide range of security checks. Not only can they monitor and respond to alarms, security officers can carry out exterior patrols in places which may not be visible by cameras. They can also ensure that everything is locked up and secured by properly inspecting doors and windows. Mobile security patrols can be contracted to perform any number of patrols, or property checks, day or night. Many security companies also offer on-demand services, emergency dispatch patrols, and are available 24 hours a day.

4. Key Holding and Alarm Response Services

If an alarm goes off on your premises, as a property key holder, you must be able to get to your premises within 20 minutes or so to resolve any alarm issues. Failing to do so on more than three occasions may result in the police ignoring future alarms and your alarm will be regarded as a nuisance.

Mobile security patrols can also provide professional key holding and alarm response services to secure your business ensuring the safety of your business and your employees. In the event of an alarm, a mobile security patrol can go to your property in your absence and take the steps necessary to re-secure the premises in the event of a break-in or criminal damage. Patrol officers can also liaise with local law enforcement to provide you with a report for your insurance company and keep you up-to-date as events unfold. Patrol officers can also arrange for any door repairs and fixes in the case of a break-in.

5. Mitigate Future Threats with Security Patrol Software

While mobile patrols can rapidly respond to unlawful activity at your premises, it isn’t enough to merely respond to security threats and other incidents as they come up. In the end, the goal should be to implement strategies that mitigate threats and prevent future incidents altogether. Consider equipping your mobile patrol officers with security patrol software. By implementing the latest technologies to analyze trends and gain new insights, your business is in a far better position to prepare for the future.

6. Drive Actionable Insight with Data

By using a security patrol software platform to collect and analyze data on past incidents, it becomes much easier to plan for the future. The areas that have seen the highest number of incidents should naturally have their security needs addressed first. A closer look at the types of incidents that have affected the premises should have a direct impact on threat mitigation planning. For example, if data from the incident response platform indicates that a door is frequently left unlocked, it becomes much easier to find connections between other reported incidents like theft and vandalism. In other situations, data insights might reveal a need for an increased security presence or even the installation of a security fence around the premises. Using data enables everyone involved in the decision-making process to understand which factors have truly contributed to past security problems. These actionable insights allow for the creation of a security strategy that will actually work.

7. Cost Effective Option

If a permanent security guard is beyond your budget, you may find mobile patrol services to be cost-effective. With mobile security patrols, you can choose the scope of the officers’ work and can pay for only the services that you use. Having a mobile security officer watch over different parts of your premises also helps reduce your losses and liabilities from break-ins, vandalism, and other damage. The money saved from not having to pay for building repairs or a lawsuit is another way mobile patrol units can help you reduce costs.

8. Peace of Mind

Mobile security patrols are a good choice for business owners who own several companies or buildings, or larger premises, as patrols can cover a wider area faster and more efficiently than traditional static security guards. Patrol officers offer around-the-clock protection in a designated area to ensure that the premises are safe and secure. They also offer peace of mind to employees especially for businesses that operate a 24 hour, 7 days a week shift. Patrols ensure employees that they are working in a safe and secure environment.

Praetoria Security is a local company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We have specialized training and invest in our officers to give them the tools to handle difficult situations. Our de-escalations tactics can help protect your business and assets. Our staff will not only protect your property and employees, but be a strong part of your staff and company growth. Contact us for a consultation and let us show you how we can meet your needs.