Planning for the unplanned: How companies must develop resilience to protests and civil unrest

02.02.21 07:05 PM By Paula Keith

I read an excellent article in Security Magazine that highlighted that Covid and civil unrest will continue into 2021, as will economic hardship and unemployment. Also any shutdown that is enacted will make closed business a target for thieves. This year has been unprecedented for sure. Covid and civil unrest from a variety of issues has caused damage to countless businesses and forced many small businesses to shutter for good. While there is no way to stop protest and unrest there are ways to protect your business. Security is a vital part of any plan and physical security as well as security patrols can be a tremendous part of the solution. Again security and patrols can’t stop everything. They are mainly a deterrent to peripheral looting. If a protest is going on, a business a block away may see looting. Security is a major deterrent to that situation. Businesses should be evaluating their situation and be prepared for crime to continue into 2021 with the economy still on a downturn. These steps can be a great indicator of your business’s needs.

1. Knowing your vital business property and conditions

Every organization must understand how a protest or crisis event might impact their operations or the life safety of their staff, they must consider two crucial factors. What their assets are, and where those assets are located. A good rule is how much theft or loss are you seeing? How much would security cost? That is a good indicator of what you can expect to save by having well trained security.

2. Identifying and Monitoring Risks

Know that you have an understanding of loss potential you can begin to identify and monitor potential threats. This is an opportunity to evaluate what you have to lose and what needs to be protected.

3. Notifying and Communicating

When unplanned event occurs, it is crucial that an organization is able to quickly communicate with its employee, partners and outside vendor. Companies must ensure that these key individuals are aware of the event, its potential impact, as well as the best means to minimize any business disruption or safety concerns. It is extremely vital that organizations have communication procedures and technology to manage effective mass notifications.

4. Developing Crisis Response Plans

Every event is different in its scale, impact and threat to operations. Even though hurricanes are expected every year, they have different intensity and path of the storms make them difficult to completely prepare for. On the other hand one can expect protests on in cities throughout the year, but knowing when they will happen, the size and knowing whether they are peaceful or violent is impossible. Having a plan in place will allow you to adapt quickly to changing environments.

5. Learning from the past, others

Gathering data helps companies be resilience to unplanned events can only get better through after-thought and reviews. Resilience is built when organizations understand where their crisis response process can be made faster and more effective.

6. Having a partner

Obviously working with security and having a partner who is prepared and trained to handle events is key. Praetoria Security has a strong background in working in many environments and situation. We have training methods that allow us to have officers ready to handle all types of businesses or situation. It could be banks, construction sites, office buildings and more. Having an expert matters when planning and working to protect the company you have built. Our team is ready to help you not only protect your business, but help it grow. Contact us for a free consultations and no hassle plan how we can help you.