Private Security Plays an Important Role in Securing Schools

13.07.21 01:20 PM By Paula Keith

Schools are targets for violence 

We have seen many incidence and we know these are dangerous times at schools.  School incidents are becoming common place across the country, and the number of deadly incidents are only growing.  Parents, students, and faculty all need to feel safe and secure while at a school – which is why the debate is growing over how security should be handled. 

There is no one answer to prevent school violence and many of the answers are deeply political and out of the schools direct control. Everyone can work on solutions to make every school safer. Praetoria is a local security company that offers proven tactics that help reduce dangers that can occur. Our security plan and patrolling efforts greatly reduce the chance of violence and allow for quick reaction. Here are ways that security and even individuals can help protect schools

Consistent watch on doors and other vulnerable points is a strong preventer in school violence. 

Someone whos job is to constantly check doors, watch monitors and maintain accounting of vulnerable areas is a valuable resource. While locks are great resources but if a door is propped or doesn't close fully, then unauthorized access is possible. Making sure that there is an accounting of every person coming in is vital to the safety process. 

Camera Access

Security cameras are a great resource but are only effective if someone is actively monitoring them and responding to issues. Having an individual who can account for who is entering the building and reacting to an entrance is vital to school protection.

 Visible deterrent factor

A visible person on a property isn’t just to respond to dangerous situations, it’s to prevent them. An individual who is actively patrolling or stationed around a school creates a deterrent factor.  Armed teachers, while a final line of defense, are not actively patrolling or monitoring for activity. Teachers would serve as an important last line of defense if that option is even available

 Teachers are already juggling too many responsibilities 

Teachers are some of the hardest-working and most put-upon professionals in America – why should we put even more burdens on their shoulders?  They have enough to deal with wrangling their classes and trying to put together lesson plans all year, on top of extracurricular activities, bus driving, and everything else they’re asked to do.  Making them personally responsible for armed intervention will only distract them and weigh them down. 

Security guards will be better-trained

Responsible use of a firearm isn’t easy, particularly in situations that are likely to be chaotic and with a lot of innocent bystanders around.  Armed guards go through plenty of training and put in a lot of time at the shooting range to ensure they can perform their jobs well.  Teachers would not have nearly so much training, nor likely have time free to do it. This is a recipe for disaster. Also while this is an option, it is not an active deterrent to violence this is a reaction to violence. 

    Security can help in multiple other areas as well

While we are focused on school violence, more specific school shootings at the moment. Often times the value of security can be felt in many areas. Guards can monitor for safety and maintenance issues as well. A bad spill, leaky pipes or other issues can cause injury. Someone who is constantly patrolling will see small problems before they become big problems. 

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In short, guarding schools should be left to the professionals. Praetoria Security has experience in protecting schools right here in Green Country. Whether it’s patrols and alarm response or manning school parking lots and hallways, Praetoria has experienced officer to help kids stay safe.  Contact Praetoria security today for a risk assessment.