Protecting Constructions Projects will be vital once Infrastructure Bill Passes 

13.08.21 03:52 PM By Paula Keith

Security can protect your bottom line and project deadlines 

    It appears that the infrastructure bill that is circulating congress will pass and signed by the President. This will usher in construction project of all types beginning soon. The bill will generate new jobs, boost economies all over the country and make for cleaner more sustaining transportation. This will also facilitate the need for more housing, and business building to accommodate growth. Construction sites are attractive to criminal acts like theft and vandalism. According to National Insurance Crime Bureau and the National Equipment Register, estimate losses from construction equipment theft are estimated to total between $300 million and $1 billion each year, while the National Fire Protection Association reports that fires at construction sites cause $304 million in direct property damage annually. You can be assured that bad guys will come out in force and trespassers or accidental damage will still be a problem. A large portion of these situations can be mitigated by utilizing a security team who is trained to keep people safe and incidents down. Below are several reasons a skilled security partner can protect your project and make sure you finish on time and on budget.

To Deter Construction Site Theft

    Construction sites house tons of expensive and specialized equipment and tools, including trailers, machinery and hard to replace materials. It may be impractical for these items to be brought to another location for storage at the end of the day, so they are generally kept at the site, when they are vulnerable to thieves and unforeseen damage

Additionally, basic materials containing elements such as copper can be stripped and sold for a high price, making Site ripe for theft.  Building projects that have reached the later stages might also have expensive fixtures and other finishes.

Construction site security officers can deter thieves passively as well as actively. A visible security presence can cause potential thieves to look for an easier target. Those who do attempt to break into the site will be stopped in their tracks by an alert security officer.

To Prevent Unauthorized Individuals from Accessing the Construction Site

    Many people enter and exit construction sites throughout the day, from contractors and construction workers to architects, inspectors and other individuals.

Security officers keep track of who is on the premises, which can otherwise be particularly challenging on sites that have multiple entrances. They can ensure unauthorized individuals do not access the site and prevent situations from escalating when parties are denied access to the site.

Promote compliance with safety regulations

    Security officers’ capabilities extend beyond keeping the site secure; they can also ensure the safety of everyone on the premises. Many officers can react to emergencies or be an extra set of eyes to make sure safety measures are being followed.

They also serve as valuable witnesses should someone be injured on the job site, which can protect the site management in the event of a lawsuit.

Security officers who specialize in protecting construction sites are trained to identify potential safety hazards, allowing those issues to be corrected before they lead to damage or injury.

To Prevent Vandalism and Intentional Damage

    Construction sites are popular targets for vandalism, with broken windows, graffiti and destruction among the more common ways construction sites are damaged. Controversial construction projects that have met resistance within the community and those in high-crime areas are particularly vulnerable.

Vandalism can slow down the construction project and create significant financial loss. Construction site security officers who patrol the premises can deter vandals and keep the project on track.

To Prevent and Mitigate Emergencies

    There is a high potential for injuries and accidents on construction sites with the regular use of heavy machinery and other dangerous tools. Construction site security officers can identify potential emergencies on the site and take appropriate action to keep them under control.

For example, a security officer may notice a leak that could lead to flooding or spot a fire and put it out before it spreads and causes devastating damage. Security officers are trained to notice signs of potential emergencies on their routine patrols of the site and the appropriate action for control.

To Reduce Liabilities

    Hiring security officers for a construction site is a good investment for the reduction of risk from potentially costly liabilities.

If an individual is injured on the construction site or becomes ill in connection with their work there, the owner could be responsible for the resulting damages.

Security officers who monitor the site can prevent incidents that may lead to liability. In some cases, it may be possible to receive a discount on insurance premiums for using security officers.


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