Security Helps Protect Assets While Police Resources are Stretched Thin

17.01.22 10:13 PM By Patrick

How Security Can fill the gaps of "Defund the Police"

    I’m sure at some point over the last year you’ve heard the term defund the police. While many people don’t fully understand what that actually means, at the end of the day it’s not a positive aspect if you’re talking about crime prevention and active policing. The reality is due to funding cuts and recruiting difficulties of new officers police forces around the country have found themselves overwhelmed and understaffed. This trend unfortunately has lead to longer response times and the inability of police to effectively maintain active community policing. This is by no means a knock on the effort and love these officers have for their jobs, it's just a reality of the situation. 


    Private security needs to be ready to step in to fill the gaps that businesses need to protect their assets. While we know that security is not police, active security is a massive deterrent to criminal activity. If you’re talking about securing a construction site or warehouse, a neighborhood, or a strip mall. Delivering active visible security at a rate that’s affordable to a customer will reap massive benefits to all parties. The question remains how can security step in and fill the gaps as police are stretched thin. There are ways security can be ready to protect your business  when crime has the potential to hit. 

    There are many forms of security that all have pluses/minus that depend on your specific needs. There’s mobile patrols, video surveillance and manned security posts. Mobile patrol is an officer who will travel to your desired location at designated times and conducts security rounds. They’re there for about 15 to 20 minutes at a time. They check to make sure that nothing has been damaged, any type of vandalism or graffiti and  will be an active deterrent that somebody could see being around your business. The obvious drawback is is they’re not there all the time so there are some gaps in coverage. Mobile patrol is an excellent option is your concern is more a nuisances like graffiti or vagrant activity. 


    Video surveillance is an option as long as you have someone watching the footage constantly. Even then that’s generally a reaction to something that’s already happened. It allows you to account for what is happening and if an alarm is triggered can initiate a response. 


    Static security or man security hours are when a security guard is actively at the site for a contracted amount of time. This officer will do patrols, will monitor activity and will be a visible deterrent to criminal activity. Obviously the cost of that will be greater. Knowing what your particular security need is  in tailoring those needs is what a good security company can do. It be great if you could pay a security guard to sit at your business 24/7. The reality is is that’s just not realistic in most instances. However most people are surprised how much consistent security cost and how it can be very affordable. In fact most insurance companies provide substantial discounts for on-site security personnel. 


    No matter your business there’s probably a unique security need that is not being met. The continued inability for police to cover more ground with less personnel means that some criminal activity will be left unchecked.


    What Praetoria security does best is we have the flexibility to meet the need that you have. Our clients range from banks, churches, construction sites, apartment buildings to strip malls, individual houses and large scale events. Affordable security is extremely obtainable by partnering with Pretoria security and the ability to protect your business and assets is what we focus on every day. Contact us for a free assessment and give us an opportunity to tell us how we can save you money