The importance of an alarm response team and how it can save your business money

02.02.21 07:17 PM By Paula Keith

Several years ago when my wife and I were expecting our first child we received a call that a property we were renovating had an alarm go off. It’s 10:30 at night and I didn’t want to go alone even though I was sure this was a false alarm. The police were dispatched and we entered the house. No one was present and there were no signs of a break in. Best guess was a spider set off a motion detector, I never did find that spider though.

I wasn’t charged for that alarm because it was my first and only response. Being charged for an alarm response by police stinks, but the reality is nuisance alarms are a problem. If one locations get 10-15-25 alarms a year that is a lot of resources for constant false or no cause alarms. Factor in if you have multiple locations like a bank, school district or a large facility that has 30 or more alarm zones the odds of multiple alarms skyrocket. There are ways you can reduce false alarms and still protect your site.


Some businesses choose to not have their security system monitored because they feel they don’t need it or because it costs too much to pay for the monthly fees. Besides having professional Monitoring Station Operators oversee your safety and security, there are many other advantages of alarm monitoring including:

• Automatic response: One of the most important parts of having a security system is the swift and automatic response you will get if an alarm is activated on your property. You don’t have to rely on witnesses to report a break-in or accident. When an alarm is activated, your system calls our security team and we will investigate if it is a true break-in or false alarm

• Fire emergency: A good monitoring station will have you connected to the fire department in case of an emergency. This type of system can sound an alarm if it detects high levels of carbon monoxide. Subsequently, if there is a fire, the fire department will be dispatched immediately.

Alarm response combined with patrols will reduce your cost and instances of theft. Praetoria Security is a local company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We have specialized training and invest in our officers to give them the tools to handle difficult situations. Our staff will not only protect your property and employees, but be a strong part of your staff and company growth. Our alarm response and security patrol is a proven asset in property protection. We can help your business remain strong and grow. Contact us today for a specialized consultation how we can help protect your profitability.