Why do you need security?

02.02.21 06:39 PM By Paula Keith

I remember when I told my friends I had taken an operations position at a security company. Their reactions were based on what they see in movies of the bumbling officer or the guy watching more TV then monitors. While Hollywood paints a picture for drama or comedy, the truth is that security officers have a difficult and often thankless job. However great security officers offer protection as a deterrent to crime or more often as an observer and reporter of crime. The reality is you cannot stop all crime and even with security on occasion things happen.

This is why the most significant impact of security officers is their physical presence. A person in a uniform, whether armed or unarmed, sends a message that someone is watching. Officers observe and report, reacting quickly to the potential for crime and unwanted behaviors on a property. Their presence provides a more effective visual deterrent than a surveillance warning sign, even if the sign is posted adjacent to a camera. Passersby don’t know if the camera is monitored in real-time or simply reviewed after an incident, so they may indulge in a crime of opportunity to test the system. A layered form of security that involves cameras, on site and varied patrol is visible sign that the location is not only being watched, but actively monitored. This obviously makes a site less attractive to would be thieves and they look for easier targets. A study published in the Public Library of Science of private security agents on train platforms in Southwest England found that increased patrol visits and more time spent on scene:

Reduced victim-reported crimes by 16%

Increased guard-reported incidents by 49%.

Again security is by no means a guarantee that all crime is stopped. Frankly if a thief thinks an items is a valuable enough they will attempt to take it. However good active security will help deter crime, they can reduce the incident of crime as well. An actively monitored and patrolled site may still have an item taken, however this will be detected faster and will make what would have been a high loss event to a much smaller loss event. Security also can monitor and detect items of danger whether it’s a maintained issue or potential breach item, like a damaged or missing fence, door unlocked or open. Like the police officer, the presence of a security officer assists in lowering the possibility for an offender by acting as a visual deterrence. Potential offenders know that security officers cooperate closely with police, so in high-risk areas, there are usually police close by to detain or arrest suspects. To further fortify your security plan, consider adding security officers to your arsenal. You can reduce the impact of crime and provide a level of comfort for those who use your property.

As asked at the start, why security. I can’t speak for all companies but I know that Praetoria security has advanced technology, a stronger and more active training regiment, and enlists a team approach to client monitoring, patrol and safety. These are difficult and very different times we are in. Praetoria has adapted with technology and an alert staff to keep your property and employees safe. The presence of Praetoria Security Officers will reduce crime and maintain a safe facility for your employees and clients. Working with a strong security company and strong security team will help grow your business.