How banks must elevate security in the modern threat landscape

10.04.23 07:14 PM By Paula Keith

New threats and challenges facing Financial Institutions

Security is changing in the modern threat landscape

A recent article in security magazine highlights how the change in banking security is met with modern threats. While the days of armed robberies at banks are never gone they are a much less common occurrence. Typically bank robberies are done in a stealthy manner as a physical robbery or are done through cyber attacks. Physical security must still remain vigilant and adjust to the new threats in situations that occur inside modern financial institutions. Just like anywhere else, the threat of workplace violence is at a high, and banks are no different. Former employees or customers who are enraged for one reason or another could become a threat. Being aware of any potential threats while key is never a substitute for strong on-site vigilance. Throw in extremists or anti-capitalism, Domestic or foreign threats, Mental health challenges As well as dealing with homeless abatement around some institutions. A well trained and well-versed security guard is still the best front line defense for these threats.  Additional training and expertise is needed however to adapt to changing threats. Below are some ways security can adapt and safeguard your business. 



Mental Health Crisis 

A security guard who can identify individuals in a mental health, crisis and intervene while professional resources can be readied is vital. Compassionately dealing with a homeless situation. Cannot only deescalate the situation now, but help reduce the issue down the road. While mental health crisis can be from a customer, employee or just a passerby, the ability to react, deescalate and redirect help can be a huge factor in reducing violence. 


Interior cyber threats

While the physical security guard is not going to deal with cyber threats directly. An attack on a camera system, security system, or access system is a direct threat to the physical institution. Being able to monitor and identify the situation and react quickly are always vital. 


Managing immediate threats 

When it comes to active shooters or a situation that involves active shooters, obviously securing the facility is a must. Securing doors and distracting an attacker can provide vital seconds for people to escape. In the Topps Friendly Market shooting in Buffalo New York, Aaron Salter Jr, the store security guard bought valuable seconds for others to flee in the event. This of course is a dangerous element of the job but also a part of the job. Also of importance however is becoming an expert on your building which is vital to aiding law enforcement. At a recent active shooter training for our staff, the trainer said the number one thing a security officer can do is be an expert on their buildings layout, know where keys are or how to access locked areas, and knowing all evacuation points is vital. When you’re assigned to a post, make sure you become an expert on the building your securing.




Security is an active individual who is monitoring access points, and observe issues around your property. Security will spot maintenance or safety issues that could go unnoticed and cause a big problem or lawsuit later. Security is a valuable eyes and ears in keeping all aspects of the property safe.



Overall physical security is greatly changing and the training and staff needed is different. People who can manage a variety of threats quickly yet professionally are a vital part to any institution and are in great demand. Praetoria has a robust training program and can tailor the right officer for your security needs. Contact us for a conversation that can elevate the safety and moral of your business or property.