Security Officers

Praetoria offers professional services of Armed and Unarmed Security Officers and holds the CLEET approved agency status for the provision of Security Guard services. In this unpredictable day and age, managing and securing your business or property is a constant endeavor. Our highly-trained Security Guards, protect and monitor the areas you deem most important to keep your organization's operation running seamlessly. Before Praetoria’s security personnel step in, our expert management team performs a Risk Assessment, which is designed to pinpoint exactly where your vulnerabilities are.  This assessment enables us to tailor-fit our services to your specific needs. 

Components we use to tailor your Security Officer Detail include:

  • Screened and trained Security Guards in the areas you need them the most; armed or unarmed, depending on your needs

  • 24/7 support and response services

  • Support for lone-workers via security check calls with all-safe procedures built in to back up our guards and solo employees at a moment’s notice.

  • Weekly,  Security Officer Supervisor visits and site inspections, to maintain consistency in our services and ensure that those services provided still best secure your site and employee needs.

Other components of our signature:

  • Provide your employees and customers with a greater sense of security by posting a guard (armed or unarmed) at your offices, financial institutions, construction sites, commercial places, residential complexes or warehouses.

  • Ensure that each of our guards is CLEET certified and trained to the highest standard to handle security matters with professionalism and efficacy. We also take the time to assess the unique security needs of each of our clients so that we can recommend the level of guard services that’s most appropriate for your situation and budget. 

Why consider an onsite security officer?

  • You’re concerned about theft and damage to your construction site, warehouse, rental property, or business.

  • You need a security presence for the lobby of your building. This is ideal for financial institutions or retail business.

  • You need to keep your assets safe in the event of hostile terminations and other controversial business developments.

Praetoria's security officers are:

  • Licensed

  • Follow the rules and regulations of your company

  • Equipped

  • Trained